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For 10 years I have heard that X vitamin or Y remedy would lessen my extreme Asian glow.

Rebecca R, 29 - Orinda, CA
For 10 years I have heard that X vitamin or Y remedy would lessen my Asian glow...
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NoGlo® Benefits

BENEFIT 1: Reduced flushing

When drinking, alcohol metabolism causes a buildup of a compound called acetaldehyde, which is responsible for dilatation of capillaries within the skin that causes it to flush red, giving the alcohol red face. This process is known as the alcohol flush reaction and is a very unhealthy experience. Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2) deficiency or excessive consumption of alcohol (resulting in the alcohol flush reaction) causes a dramatic increase in acetaldehyde accumulation. This metabolite is the cause of the adverse reactions that we feel when consuming too much alcohol.

NoGlo® helps your body break down acetaldehyde better – making you healthier and your face less red while you drink alcohol, as acetaldehyde is the cause of the red face.

Turning red has been called many things, including “flushing,” “Asian blush”, “Asian glow” and even “alcohol tan”, and may cause social anxiety and lowered confidence when drinking.

Whatever you call it, NoGlo® will help you reduce this red facial blushing so you can enjoy alcohol without as much worry about what your face looks like, or any other negative feelings that come along with drinking. There is no “Asian Glow” cure, but NoGlo® is the best product available to help to prevent the Asian flush symptom.

BENEFIT 2: Feel better when you drink and the next day

When we enjoy a few drinks, it is not actually the alcohol that is responsible for feelings of sickness and physical discomfort, it is the rapid buildup of a metabolite – acetaldehyde. Normally, it is broken down to acetic acid which is harmless to your body, but some people have a deficiency in an enzyme called ALDH2, which performs this function. People who have ALDH2 deficiency are easy to spot, as they experience “Asian flush” symptoms after just one drink. However, they are also experiencing dizziness, nausea, headache, increased heart rate, and general physical discomfort when drinking.

NoGlo® lowers the amount of acetaldehyde that builds up, and reduces oxidative damage, making you feel better while you drink so you can relax without worrying about the side effects of drinking.

BENEFIT 3: Reduce bodily damage

When drinking, alcohol metabolism causes a buildup of acetaldehyde, a known carcinogen, which causes organ damage and oxidative damage.

People with ALDH2 deficiency experience a large accumulation of acetaldehyde. Therefore, drinking and flushing is a very unhealthy experience and it is a sign of damage going on inside the body. These individuals feel dizziness, nausea, and intensified hangover symptoms and it is not the result of an alcohol allergy. NoGlo® has been specifically formulated for these individuals to reduce damage and make drinking a healthier experience by offsetting some of the acetaldehyde exposure.

NoGlo® is filled with powerful antioxidants that are specific to combatting the damage of acetaldehyde. In addition, NoGlo® reduces the accumulation of the toxic compound by promoting the natural source of breakdown, by increasing the efficiency of ALDH2. Keep in mind, however, that the buzz that you feel when drinking alcohol is caused by the alcohol itself.