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For 10 years I have heard that X vitamin or Y remedy would lessen my extreme Asian glow.

Rebecca R, 29 - Orinda, CA
For 10 years I have heard that X vitamin or Y remedy would lessen my Asian glow...
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Jason F.

I tried to product about a year ago and it was life changing, to say the least. I used to get tomato red even after 1-2 beers. Initially, the product minimized headaches and made my face feel less hot. But after I started taking it consistently (twice a day as instructed), the redness went down CONSIDERABLY. It was to the extent where I didn’t feel uncomfortable around others anymore, even though it was still a little red. But it looks healthy and I can enjoy drinking now. I am excited to order to item again. This picture is after 2 beers, almost no flushing seen!




Tyler D.

I’ve suffered from Asian glow for a number of years ever since I started drinking. No one else in my immediate family gets it, so you can imagine the kind of teasing I get at family events…Social events are even worse, I hate being THAT Asian guy with the bright red face after just one drink. On top of that, I actually have a pretty high tolerance but no one believes me because of the flush. With NoGlo, my level of intoxication finally matches my appearance…and I can actually attend events without being embarrassed and shamed for my glow.




Hector W.

Like most here, the experience of suddenly turning red and heart racing along with shortness of breath, is just too uncomfortable! Could never really enjoy a night out. I found this product and gave it a whirl. I’ll admit I didn’t take it every day, usually 4 days then I would forget to take it. But the times I took it daily and when I took 2 more prior to drinking, I could feel the alcohol not taking its full effect on me. I was still slightly red but not as much as before! Next time I will take it accordingly To fully experience the effect of NoGlo!




Joshua L.

Whenever I drank, no matter how much, I would start to get the Asian flush. My face, neck and chest went quite red and my eyes eventually started to look quite bloodshot! It has made me very self conscious for a long time, making it hard to just to have a casual drinks with friends. Worse than my appearance was the other physical effects. My heart was racing, sometimes I found it hard to breathe, my head would throb and music could make my eardrum feel like distortion was playing right into it. Since taking noglo I still go slightly red, but in no way as bad as before. The best thing is I feel fine when drinking. My heart feels normal, I don’t feel like I’m burning up and there’s no thudding head experience anymore. I can now just have a drink and not have to worry about feeling like my head is a war zone anymore.




Jessie M.

I have always suffered from the asian glow- RED PUFFY face, racing heart, throbbing headache, constantly looking in the mirror to make sure I didn’t look like I needed to be taken to the hospital (because people used to ask me that) – with noglo I can confidently go out and socialize like everyone else!




Marcus C

I tried NoGlo from a friend and it worked incredibly good so now I am ordering my first batch for myself!





Joseph K.

I think it works!!
I never tried daily but i usually take before I go drink.
and I want to try everyday now!




Steve C.

I enjoy having a cocktail or two when I attend either business or personal functions. However, I would get the Asian Flush after a few sips, which was very embarrassing to say the least. My Asian Flush was rather severe, with a my face turning red, eyes getting bloodshot and my body forming red blotches all over. It would be accompanied by shortness of breath, stuffiness, and sometimes heart palpitations. I always thought this was what everyone felt when drinking, aside from the red face. Then I was introduced to NoGlo.NoGlo was a true blessing. It made me understand what normal people feel when drinking. I still get a little flushed at first but that goes away quickly. My shortness of breath, stuffiness and heart palpitations went away. I no longer have to look like a drunk after only half a drink. I can relax and enjoy myself without the feeling self-conscious. It really helped my social life and allowed me to enjoy social settings that included alcohol. Thanks NoGlo. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know that suffers from Asian Flush.





Aaron R.

Whenever I drink, first thing that comes into mind is “gonna be a red tomato again” then have to worry about the physical consequences of having headache, red blotchy skin, racing heart, etc. My friend let me try Noglo one night and it was amazing. I was first skeptical because I had never heard of it, but I can say myself that it works wonders. Noglo changed my life when it came to drinking. Going to be buying immediately.




Alex N.

Awesome product. A friend of mine gave me a couple pills to try and it worked better than any of the home remedies I’ve used in the past to reduce red flushness while drinking.





Andrew L.

I honestly didn’t believe in this product, as I basically gave up on trying to fix my glow. But NoGlo honestly changed my life, now i can drink in public without looking like a complete fool. My face no longer gets blaring red and my chest doesn’t look like a tomato. I love NoGlo.




Sam S.

My face always went red just after 1 alcoholic drink and I could feel my heart rate increase. Since using noglo it has almost stopped this completely, however I do go the slightest bit red first of all when drinking but from my experiences it depends on how much food I have eaten before. After a few days or so you will notice the benefits but I would say after a couple of weeks is when its fully working. I tend not to have a big meal before drinking and I take 1 Zantac tablet an hour before and 2 noglo tablets half an hour before my first drink. This is the only stuff out there from what I’m aware and makes such a difference on a night out with friends.




Samantha W.

My friend gave me a bottle as a joke because I always glowed after one or two shots. But since I got it, I decided to try it out. Might as well right? Tried it and loved it! Came here to purchase more!!





Daniel C.

Noglo works miracles. Being in a fraternity carries a heavy-drinking lifestyle, and as an Asian, I have always encountered the infamous “asian glow.” With this product I am able to drink all night, and most of all enjoy myself without the usual pains of asian glo.




Tommy N.

Whenever I drink, my face usually turns red right after my 2nd beer, and I get really warm. The worst is the red face, because everyone always asks “Are you OK? Your face is red” when I drink alcohol. It is embarrassing and difficult to feel comfortable with social interactions when this happens. I got introduced to noglo by one of my friends who had the same problem. The product actually works really well, and it has made my life so much better. Now my face is barely red when I drink, and no more comments about my red face. However, my nose still gets stuffy, and sometimes my neck also gets red. But I do feel more comfortable with social interactions now that I use noglo.I would definitely recommend this product to those who wish to reduce the Asian flush!




Aude S.

I was skeptical at first, but after taking NoGlo for two weeks my hangovers were dramatically lessened. I used to suffer from extremely bad nausea the night of drinking and whole day after, but not after taking NoGlo!




Dan F.

With one drink my face and ears turns red. Looks like I’ve been in the sun all day. Taking NoGlo seems to help a great deal reduce or minimize this. I’ve used this product, occasionally, for a couple of years. Seems to work well.




Allan M.

Being young and a guy it’s almost religion to drink, whether it be out partying or even chilling with mates around a barbecue.

But then I developed the Asian flush and it was an instant buzz kill. Making me lack confidence, and always be paranoid about being tomato faced. I didn’t want to stop drinking so I tried no glo and honestly, it has made a significant improvement. Try it out yourself.



Brian H.

It truly does help reduce the redness. As you know, there isn’t a magical cure-all pill, but this is the closest I’ve gotten. I can casually drink beers for hours without a flush and knock back 5-6 shots in 30 min with a relatively light redness.
Pair this with Pepcid for maximum redness reducer.





Justin P

I was skeptical at first, but noglo definitely makes a difference. Asian glow is tempered, both physically as well as aesthetically. The redness is 100% toned down, and the ability to enjoy drunkenness is multiplied many fold.





Anne B.

I buy the tablets for my grandson who suffers a great deal with the Asian Flush…This condition has affected his whole social life for quite a while…as soon as he had a drop of alcohol his face would go bright red…This really affected his confidence when in the company of his friends always aware of his red face.. Since taking Noglo his life has changed so much .. He is a lot more confident and is now able to enjoy his social life ….nights out with his family and friends without the dreaded red face…. His name is Mark Thomas and I have attached a photo of him.. I would like to thank you for the excellent service…the tablets always arrive quick and safely ..





Michael S.

I always had problems with redness when drinking alcohol. This often made me not want to go out. I have tried a number of products over the years and then I discovered noglo. Not only does it help when drinking alcohol both that night and the following day – but I have discovered it also prevents general redness if taken as a daily supplement. I think the picture of me shows that it has worked really well. Great product.






Carolyn N.

I also suffer from the Asian Flush. I instantly start getting pink after half of a beer. I feel uncomfortable and feel embarrassed. However, my friend gave me a pill to try prior to drinking one night and I barely turned pink! The uncomfortableness also disappeared. NoGlo is amazing! Thank you.




Nicole C.

No glo has been a life saver! Ever since I began drinking I would have a severe allergic reaction to the alcohol. I would get a red, puffy face and become extremely heated. After trying no glo, my symptoms were reduced significantly and I could enjoy drinking again without becoming extremely embarrassed because of my red facial flushing.





Katrina G.

I always feel really sick when I drink on nights out and I decided to buy NoGlo once people were concerend about my intense rashing after a few drinks. It has helped reduce these symptoms and also make me feel like i am doing what i can to reduce the dangers of drinking when I have to at social events! Would recommend and I am buying another bottle now!





Jon B.

Thanks to NoGlo I have more confidence to talk to girls!







Mark N.

I usually get the Asian Flush after just one beer. My friends always pointed out how red my face was, and asked if I was OK. Whenever I drink, my heart rate increases, I get a slight headache and sometimes even get nasal congestion. This makes drinking alcohol really uncomfortable. I have tried to find some kind of cure for a very long time, but with no luck. There were only two options to do – stop drinking or just endure the horrible Asian Flush. Then I found out about the NoGlo product. This really made my life so much better! I felt a significant difference when using the NoGlo product. My red face didn’t appear as much when I consumed alcohol, and the “red face comments” disappeared. The increased heart rate, headaches and all the other typical Asian Flush effects were almost gone! The NoGlo product really made me enjoy drinking alcohol for the first time without the Asian Flush. I recommend this product to everyone who gets the Asian Flush. You should give this product a try, because it made drinking alcohol so much more comfortable!




Jo C.

I used to only occasionally get red in the face when drinking alcohol but over the past year it has become increasingly common, making me more self-conscious when I would go out drinking. Since taking noglo there has been a noticeable difference, I sometimes go a little bit red but it doesn’t last as long and is much less severe and my hangovers are also reduced. Thank you NoGlo.







Sally S.

For years I have been uncomfortable after drinking alcohol, but after using NoGlo, I am more comfortable drinking.





Craig W.

I’ve avoided drinking most of my life as both my parents have the ADH2 mutation and I flush severely after a single drink. Not drinking is definitely a barrier to networking in a professional career, and I recently started a job where social drinking is pretty much expected. I used Pepcid AC previously, and while it reduced flushing, I was always paranoid how I looked because I felt the usual symptoms. I’ve been taking 2 NoGlo capsules a day for the past week and yesterday supplemented with 2 more capsules before drinking and 2 Pepcid AC and really felt a difference. No more elevated heart rate and sense of overheating after drinking a few drafts. I was able to relax more due to how I felt internally. Hoping that after 2 weeks of daily NoGlo I can forgo or reduce the Pepcid AC use. Overall very impressed with NoGlo – it really is effective in reducing the negative effects of alcohol for those of us that have the ADH2 mutation.




Ronald T.

Prior to trying NoGlo, I always got red whenever I consumed alcohol, the “Asian-flush” as people call it. I ordered a bottle of NoGlo, and was cynical at first, but I took 2 capsules per day for a week then went out on a Friday night for drinks; low and behold I barely flushed at all. This is very impressive because I usually get VERY red after a few drinks, but I’d genuinely say the redness was reduced by around 80%.

I would recommend this product to anyone who “suffers” the same flushing as I do, because this product does do what it promises! Very satisifed customer.




Surya K.

I tried it for a month. On the bottle it says, “Reduces Alcohol Associated: Red Facial Flushing Hangover”. Yes, it works as described. It doesn’t eliminate flushing 100% but it dose reduce noticeably.







Justin M.

My friend has this and gave a pill to try for one of the parties I was going to attend. I took it 30 minutes before drinking and I felt a noticeable difference. I am usually a tomato, but this pill brought it down to a slight pink glow. In addition, I did not feel my heart pounding and uncomfortable feeling that comes with asian glow.







Benjamin T.

I have a friend who let me try this out for a night, and man does this work! I was surprised how well this worked for me. Usually I am a one-beer glow guy, and the glow wasn’t there at all. I was happy to not have my friends worry if I was getting sick or anything. I hope to have some more of my own. My birthday is actually coming up soon so hopefully this will be a solution than a problem for any night that I drink!





Jason L.

I was skeptical about this product, since most of the clinical information I saw said there was limited preventative measures for alcohol reactions. Despite my reservations, I bought this product off of amazon, and I did see some improvement. There was less glow, and if I limited myself to only a few drinks, I found that the throbbing headache and breathing troubles diminished as well.




Hans T.

I have tried different kinds of solutions to cover my red face when drinking. NoGlo has changed the way I drink. I don’t have to think about getting red anymore, at least not as red as before. NoGlo works for real! Try it!





Luka V.

Hi, I´m soooo grateful that this product exsist. It gives me more confidence, and I am not turning red anymore!







Spencer B.

I started noticing change the minute I got NoGlo and I’m happy I tried it. If your looking for a solution to your Asian glow try NoGlo!







Andrew L.

NoGlo Works! It is annoying to have to take it daily but I am less red while drinking. It also feels like there is less of a hangover and less of the headache while drinking which is more important to me than the red face.







Tommy S.

NoGlo is the one of many products that I have tried that actually does what it says on the bottle. Reduced hangover and less facial flushing when drinking alcohol – it’s as simple as that. Highly recommend it.







Spencer T.

I used to have a terrible red face everytime I drank. That limited my fun time with my friends when we hung out. My friend gave me one of this formula, I tried it and it worked for me. Thanks a lot to NoGlo






Netza P.

I experienced my first facial flush about 10 years ago. Mine is a little different than what I´ve read, I never flush the first night of drinking, but if I drink for the second night in a row or even with a sober day in between, my face turns bright red (and I dont flush evenly across the face, it´s more like patches of different shades of red across the face). I would like to point out I´m not asian nor have any asian ancestry, I´m Mexican with a half-english grandmother. My best bet was to sweat the alcohol from the previous day and some alka seltzer. But it sucked going on vacations with friends and knowing there was gonna be at least two or three straight days of drinking. I saw the results for NoGlo the first week. I started taking it a couple of days, went to a beer-music festival for about four straight days and NO flush! On spring break, my eyes turned kind of blood shot and I started getting that weird taste in the back of my tongue I always get before flushing, but I never actually flushed, which was a great relief. I still got a crazy hang over but that´s the least of my worries, as long as I can feel as confident as everyone else drinking. I´m still testing it out but I definitely won´t stop taking NoGlo any time soon!





Paul Y.

Have tried many before, but this one works the best. Very shocked that it actually worked-as I have tried others and failed – no redness at all. Still get a little headache though…






Kameryn J.

I was pretty skeptical after ordering Noglo because pretty much every similar product on the market has disappointed me. After a couple weeks of consistent use, I am happy to say that Noglo has helped a ton with my nausea and dizziness. I still get kind of red, but that often subsides after the first hour or so. I plan on ordering a second bottle!








Guillaume P.
Melbourne, Australia

Noglo definitely helps to reduce nausea and dizziness as well as preventing bad hangover. However, I still flush, not as much, but still quite noticeably. I did a little experiment a week ago and I had two Noglo caps in the morning and two caps 20mins prior to drinking as well as one Pepcid tablet (10 mg of famotidine). The result was outstanding, no blush and my body was perfectly white and normal. I can now eat and drink at the same time, something I could not with Pepcid ac alone, because I had to be on an empty stomach to avoid turning too red. I have tried many medications and supplements that were supposed to relieve me from all the downsides of drinking – nowhere close to Noglo and 10mg of famotidine. I can now serenely enjoy a few drinks around dinner once or twice a week, which is great. Thx to Noglo



Wendy G

Noglo really works well. Thank you so much. Now I can have a few drinks without having all the red. Thank you again for this product.



William G.

I have been looking for a cure for my “red face” when I drink and now I have found it! Words can’t describe how happy I am that I found NoGlo. I strongly recommend this.




Rebecca R, 29
Orinda, CA

For 10 years I have heard that X vitamin or Y remedy would lessen my extreme Asian glow. None worked. NoGlo is the best solution and actually performs. According to friends who have seen me flush after half a drink, I looked normal after a dose of NoGlo and several cocktails. They were amazed and I was thrilled to not ruin my friend’s rehearsal dinner photos for once. With 20 minutes of pre-planning, I can finally enjoy a beer with coworkers/clients/in-laws without embarrassment. So thankful to have this, wish NoGlo had been invented years ago!





Jason P, 21
Folsom, CA

I flush but I also get bad hangovers. NoGlo asked past customers to write a review and include a photo so here is mine. I have been taking NoGlo for almost a month and a half. I definitely saw differences in the beginning but they weren’t super dramatic. Since taking it over time I’ve noticed it has also gotten a lot better and it works best when I actually do take it everyday. It reduces my “glow” as my friends call it but I really do feel a lot better the next morning after drinking and that is the biggest reason I take it. I don’t feel like I was drinking poison the night before and that is proof to me that NoGlo is doing its job and making drinking not so unhealthy.





Andrew B, 22
San Diego, CA

I get a lot of “Asian Glow” comments from people I know. Since I’ve been taking NoGlo, my flushing isn’t as much of a conversation topic and I feel better about it. My flushing is still there a bit but it looks a lot better, my body feels less hot, and I generally feel more comfortable when drinking.








Kathleen S, 21
Berkeley, CA

I have always been self-conscious when having a couple of drinks, whether I’m out with co-workers for happy hour or out with friends on the weekends. But now that I have NoGlo, I’m confident and comfortable with myself in every social setting! I’m no longer embarrassed by intense flushing, overheating, or puffiness. Dizziness and increased heart rate were also constant concerns. Not anymore! NoGlo allows me to enjoy myself and not worry about how alcohol is affecting my appearance as well as my health. I never forget to take my two blue NoGlo pills a day. I’ve experienced reduced facial redness and increased enjoyment since I’ve started taking NoGlo, and I’m sticking with it!





Jackie N, 23
Cincinnati, OH

My name is Jackie, and I’ve been taking NoGlo for about a month now. I heard about NoGlo from a friend who was telling me about the health risks that are associated with flushing when drinking alcohol. I heard that NoGlo reduces flushing, and also helps me feel better and healthier, so I decided I would give it a try. So far I would say that I have noticed a difference when I have a few drinks. Though I still get a little red, I don’t flush as quickly or as badly and I generally feel better. Hopefully it will continue to work for me!







Emmiline T, 21
Berkeley, CA

Growing up with family and friends that turn bright red after a drop of alcohol, I have seen firsthand the embarrassing effects of flushing. When some of my friends began taking NoGlo, they spoke very highly about its impact, and I came home for winter break to find them noticeably less flushing at our holiday party. After hearing about how NoGlo not only reduced the visible effects of flushing but also made them feel better the next morning, I decided to try it too. Even though I don’t flush, I found that taking NoGlo really helped with the hangovers I always get after a night of drinking.






Lian B
Boston, MA

NoGlo has been amazing. Flushing when I drank was an extreme inconvenience. Drinking discretely was never an option, and my friends would always point it out when my face became bright red after just one drink. Not to mention, it looked ridiculous in photos. I always pushed it aside as an issue of vanity, but when a friend told me about the health effects that my red face reflected, I knew I wanted to do something about it. I cut my drinking down, and heard about NoGlo, a new product that would not only help with the health stuff, but also keep my complexion normal! I didn’t really believe it at first, but a few weeks after I started taking it, I saw amazing improvements. Thanks to NoGlo, I don’t flush after just one drink, so I can go out and have cocktails with my friends and not have to worry about what I’ll look like afterwards. NoGlo has made for a healthier me, and let’s face it, way better photos from my nights out on the town. What more could I ask for?



James K

Used Noglo for 60 days , reduced flushing greatly and helped to reduce my heart rate after drinking.



John P
Milwaukee, WI

Great product. After trying other remedies, this is the best by far.



Rich I
Seoul, Korea

Works great! Tried Pepcid ac, fomatide, pepto. Nothing compares!